The Benefits of Mulching & Slashing Prior to the Bush Fire Season



How Using Mulch Reduces Your Use of Fertiliser and Improves Soil

As crops grow, they absorb nutrients from the soil, effectively removing compounds of nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus, from the soil. When crops are harvested and taken away for processing, the fields are left bereft of nutrients. Livestock also reduces soil quality through grazing. Nutrients and energy are transferred from the ground into the grass that […]

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Mulching vs Spraying: Which Farming Method is More Effective?

What is Spraying? ‘Spraying’ refers to method used by farmers to protect their crops from pests. They spray chemical insecticides, herbicides, and fungicides in a controlled and focused process. Farmers don’t have a barrel labeled ‘pesticides’ that goes on anything and everything. Farmers use specific chemicals labeled for very specific uses and at very specific […]

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Mulching for Viticulture and Olive Orchards

The Benefits of Mulching for Viticulture and Olive Orchards

The Australian Viticulture and Olive Industries are in a strong position, with highly skilled growers, who are continually updating their agriculture knowledge and adopting innovative technologies and practices. Growers are looking at the best way to improve the quality of their produce, manage pests, resources and the land by implementing technologies to increase efficiency. Mulching […]

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mulching and composting in macadamia farms

The Benefits of Mulching & Composting in Macadamia Farms

Macadamia growers aim to provide consumers with the highest quality macadamias at competitive prices, using innovative techniques and drawing on their valuable knowledge. To do this successfully, a committed approach to wholistic and sustainable agriculture is needed. For the industry to be sustainable, farmers are encouraged to learn how to use available natural resources in [...]
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