True Blue Composter Range

Towable Compost Turners – 2.5 TO 3.5 METRE WIDTH (Linkage units available) 

If you’re a regular composter, you hardly need to be told the value of good quality compost.

What you may not be familiar with is the values of compost turners and how they work to deliver better quality compost.

These are the basics:

Compost turners are used to ensure a good mixing of nutrients in your compost: As plant materials break down, the nutrients are released. These nutrients are gravity fed to the bottom of the compost unless turned. Compost turners are used to manage composting materials on a large scale to ensure efficient composting.

Compost turners assist the composting processes: In static compost mixes, thermal and chemical processes may be biased to upper layers. The upper layers receive more heat, and therefore break down more quickly. That means that the lower layers must be lifted to assist them to break down. Compost turners provide a simple way of managing the composting process to deliver consistent results.

Turning compost blends the nutrients and fibres: Mixing fibres and nutrients is only part of the story. The mix of compost must be homogenised to ensure that you have a good balance of fibre and nutrients. The fibre helps the soil retain nutrients and provides a good layer of structure to your topsoil.

Compost turners improve compost handling: Manually handling compost involves a certain amount of material loss due to offloading and transportation. Compost turners provide a useful, economic way of managing your compost directly from source to distribution with minimal handling and loss.

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