Launching 5FT Galvanised Slasher

Southern Cross Ag Machinery is pleased to announce an addition to our Slasher range! We’re launching the SXM 5FT Galvanised Slasher (75HP).

Clear vegetation such as grass, weeds, scrub, brush and saplings.

Reduce the need for excess chemicals through natural weed control. Ideal for coastal areas with its galvanised deck.


5ft galvanised slasher on 45hp tractor


Features include; 

  • Australian Slasher Health and Safety Standards Compliant
  • Hot-dipped galvanised body
  • 5mm deck
  • Height adjustable skids with five different cuttings heights
  • 75HP Bare-Co gearbox
  • Bare-Co 8-inch slip clutch
  • Bare-Co Series 6 PTO shaft
  • Front and rear discharge deflectors (chain)
  • Centre mount
  • High tensile chains for durability
  • Braced platforms for maximum strength
  • 3-Year Gearbox Warranty
  • Bare-Co gearbox/slip clutch safety guarding
  • Reinforced A-frame
  • Cutter bar blade carrier system (Bare-Co Blades B6002)
  • Optional wheel kit available (one wheel kit is recommended for the 5ft slasher)


Here is our 6ft 75HP Galvanised Slasher with Twin Wheel Kits in action (the 5ft slasher has the same specs as the 6ft slasher)



For more information on the 5ft Galvanised Slasher or our Southern Cross Slasher range please feel free to contact our office at (02) 4932  3011.