Muthing Key Features and Benefits

1. QSt/E Fine- Grain Steel

By using QSt/E fine-grain steel (well known from automotive engineering) the total machine weight is reduced by around 15% simultaneously increasing material strength. Allows for;

  • Longer life
  • Reduction of mulcher body cracks
  • Reduction in fuel consumption (weight)
  • Possibility of using smaller tractors with lower HP allowing for larger working width

QSt / Fine Grade Steel

2. Specially Formed Mulcher Body

Specially formed Mulcher body (several times folded plate) allows for;

  • Greater stability with less HP required to achieve a greater cutting speed
  • Lower fuel consumption
  • Smoother flow of shredded material
  • Longer machine life

Specially Formed Mulcher Body

3. Gearbox with Integrated Over Run Clutch

Same P.T.O. shaft for Front and Rear mounting (cost reduction)

Gearbox with Integrated Over Run Clutch

4. Patented, Removable, Segmented Shredding Bars: “Shark Fin” System”

Quick and simple to replace; reduction in service time / machine down-time and repair costs.

Patented, Removable, Segmented Shredding Bars: "Shark fin" System

5. High Tempered Spring Steel One Way Protection Flaps in Front

  • Optimized protection against stones and foreign objects
  • Improved safety from thrown objects
  • Longer machine life through less maintenance from damage

High Tempered Spring Steel One Way Protection Flaps in Front

6. Self Cleaning Roller by Rotating Hammers

  • No push-up, no sticking of grass, straw and stubble
  • Reliable

Self Cleaning Roller by Rotating Hammers

7. No Windrows

  • The mulched material is spread evenly behind the roller outputting excellent shredded and defibered product
  • No windrows
  • Assisting in decomposition, improving pasture quality, soil structure and moisture retention characteristics

No Windrows

8. Spiral Rotor with High Tempered “M” Hammer Flails

  • Even quality of cut
  • Smooth operation

Spiral Rotor with High Tempered "M" Hammer Flails

9. Well Proven “M” Hammer Flails

Self-sharpening “M“ Hammer lays down with the complete back-width against the rotor (break resistant)

Well Proven "M"Hammer Flails

10. Specially Formed Flail Lugs

  • 90° stable welded on the rotor = large contact surface (tear-resistant)
  • This special form allows the flail lugs to roll off foreign objects

Specially Formed Flail Lugs

11. Service and Maintenance

  • Four external lubricating points (2 x Rotor / 2 x Roller)
  • Without the need for tools

12. Roller Bearing “STARINTH” 

Roller Bearing “Starinth” (Only available on MU-L & MU-M Series)
 Mulcher - Starinth Bearing
Top quality durable, heavy duty rear roller bearing system with multilayer sealing and large volume, double tapered roller bearing that meets even the most demanding requirements .
Sealing 1 = Outer wrap and winding protection between the roller and the flail side panel  to reject coarse debris
Sealing 2 = Greased mechanical labyrinth as central protection against dirt, mud, plant residue and moisture
Sealing 3 = Greased multilayer labyrinth made out of small spring steel rings to protect  against fine dust and moisture residue
Sealing 4 = Sealed double tapered roller bearing with high load capacity
Pre-assembled bearing unit in a strong cast housing to bolt on with floating star shaft into  the side panel to allow better tolerance of impacts and side forces on hard and uneven surfaces, from heavy duty work and fast mowing.
Heavy Duty  •  Durable  • Long Lasting  •  Easy to Refit

The Muthing Mulching System

The Muthing Mulching System

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