Why Choose Muthing?

muthing mulchers in detail
muthing mulchers in detail
muthing mulchers in detail

Benefits of a Muthing Mulcher

  • Use of Qst/E steel reduces mulcher weight by approximately 15% while also increasing machine strength. This results in: longer machine life, reduction in Mulcher body cracks and fuel consumption, the possible use of smaller tractors with lower HP using a larger working width Mulcher.
  • Specially formed Mulcher body allows for smoother flow of shredded material, reduction in fuel costs and longer life.
  • Gearboxes with integrated over-run clutch
  • Patented, removable and segmented shredding bars “Shark Fin” reduces maintenance and service costs.
  • High tempered spring steel one way protection flaps in front of mulcher provides protection against stones and foreign objects.
  • Self cleaning roller facilitated by rotating hammers or shackle flails means no “push up” of cut materials and no sticking of grass, straw or stubble to roller.
  • Mulched material is spread evenly behind roller leaving no windrows of mulched material.

Benefits of the Muthing Mulcher System

  • Pasture improvement and maintenance
  • Effective weed and pest control
  • Input cost reductions; fertilisers, pesticidies and herbicides
  • Stubble management in maize and cereals through;
    – Rapid decomposition of stubble
    – Even distribution of cuttings across soil service
    – Significant reduction in potential for pest and disease infestation.
  • Improves soil structure and fertility in all agricultural applications including; viticulture, orchards, general pasture, vegetable and broadacre.
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