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Australia’s Home of Muthing Mulchers

Southern Cross Ag Machinery has been distributing “Muthing” mulchers in Australia for over five years. This famous global brand showcases German engineering, design and innovation at its best. Muthing mulchers are designed and built differently to others on the market offering unique mulching solutions.

Muthing’s precision engineering and innovative design have created a series of mulchers that produce the best quality bi-product/mulch.  The Muthing Mulching System provides many benefits for pasture management, including weed control, pest control, input cost reductions (fertilisers, pesticides and herbicides) and improvement in soil structure and fertility. The “MU” in the product range stands for Mulching with Muthing. Muthing has the widest range of mulchers designed for agricultural purposes.

The Muthing Range

The Muthing mulchers shown above include a versatile range of scale, size and functional choices. Each mulcher delivers proven superior quality mulching capabilities, reliable performance, and the high-quality production that Muthing is known for.

Muthing mulchers are innovatively engineered and constructed to create the best bi-product possible. Muthing mulchers are versatile facilitating a wide range of mowing and mulching activities from mowing fine lawns to wide areas without the expense of additional equipment. The robust engineering ensures a long life with low maintenance and servicing costs. Maintaining green areas using Muthing mulchers simultaneously improves maintenance quality on a sustained basis, naturally improves soil and lawn areas while giving rise to an increase in operating efficiency and substantially reducing maintenance costs.

Muthing mulchers are not only reliable but also provide a safe working environment. Muthing mulchers up to 3.2 metres have undergone Independent Thrown Object Testing and comply with ISO/WD 17101-2*. This is important because public safety should be a critical consideration when operating in public spaces or roadside. Purchasing and operating a Muthing Flail Mower can significantly reduce the risk of thrown objects. Muthing mulchers also are CE Compliant.


Perfect for Soil Improvement

Muthing mulchers are designed to produce excellent, fine mulch, which is ideal for soil improvement. The very fine mulch provides a more efficient, effectively distributed nutrient base.

We can honestly say that we receive regular praise and testimonials from our customers regarding the superior performance of our mulchers. From contractors to councils, professional farmers through to hobby farmers – our customers are genuinely impressed with the quality and performance of the Muthing mulchers and what they can do compared to other mulchers on the market.


Ask Us about Muthing Mulchers

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