Finishing Mower – FAQ’s

Here at Southern Cross Ag Machinery, we get asked a many questions about our Finishing Mowers.

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions we receive;

What is the difference between a finishing mower and a slasher?

Finishing mowers are for cutting LAWN grass only. Whatever you would cut with a ride-on you can successfully
cut with a finishing mower.

Do they come supplied with a PTO shaft?

Yes all the finishing mowers in our range are supplied with Bare-Co PTO shafts.

BARE-Co PTO Shafts

Are they belt driven?

Yes, two “V” section belts. Adjusting belt tension is easily achieved from the top of the mower deck.

How many blades do they have?

Three double edged blades. The 6ft Finishing Mowers supplied with mulching kit have an additional three cross blades.

What are the benefits of a mulching finishing mower?

The cut or finish is the same as a standard mower. The benefit derived from using a mulching mower is in the size of the cuttings.
The end result is that with finer cuttings the biodegrading period is significantly reduced.

finishing mower