Log Splitters

Log Splitters

Southern Cross Machinery have a variety of high quality log splitters, including our popular 3-pt linkage log splitter and our 6.5hp petrol model. All of the products sold by Southern Cross Machinery are well designed, robust and high performing. At Southern Cross, we are aware that timber comes in varying stages of hardness, which is why our log splitters are designed to split many types of wood, including iron bark, yellow box etc.

Southern Cross log splitters help process firewood quickly, saving your back and time. Our log splitters also allow you to cut logs of a similar size making stacking woodpiles and burning far more efficient.

We have been selling log splitters for over eight years, to many happy customers, all over Australia. We do not over-rate our log splitters in terms of their splitting capacity. At Southern Cross Ag Machinery, we make sure our advertised ratings match their performance.

Remember when researching log splitters, look at the horse-power rating and the tonnage, these determine the power of the machine. When researching 3-pt linkage splitters capacity remember it is not determined only by the horse-power rating and tonnage but also by your tractor’s hydraulics.

All Southern Cross log splitters offer horizontal and vertical operation. This is particularly useful for large logs, with the splitter in a vertical position, you can save your back from lifting heavy logs onto the splitter. Both models also come with an “X-Wedge” attachment for four-way splitting. Perfect for splitting kindling.

Southern Cross Machinery log splitters are available Australia wide through our dealer network. Our customers can also benefit from ongoing maintenance and repair services, which are available from the place of purchase. We also carry spare parts in stock if required. Our log splitters will allow you to get your wood processing job done in no time!