4ft Rotary Hoe


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4ft Rotary Hoe


Designed to create a seed bed finish. Ideal for breaking up top soil for planting, crop and lawn preparation. Allows for fertiliser and organic material to be easily added improving productivity. Adjustable rear flap. Four blades per flange for intensive tilling of top soil. Height adjustable skids allowing for depth control.

  • Tillage width 120cm.
  • Tillage depth 8-12cm.
  • Blade shaft speed 210rpm.
  • Number of blades 28pcs.
  • Tractor requirement 20-50HP.
  • Bare-Co series 4 PTO shaft and 6″ slip clutch included.

BARE-Co PTO Shafts




* Please note: A 5ft Rotary Hoe is featured in images.