The Southern Cross Ag Machinery range of slashers is based on significant experience in the industry. We understand that our customers need slashers that are reliable and can handle Australian conditions.

At Southern Cross we have slashers for sale that are ideal for clearing vegetation such as grass, weeds, scrub, small brush and saplings. Good slashing capabilities reduce the need for expensive chemicals through natural weed control.

Quality is the truly defining feature of our slashers. Southern Cross Slashers have been independently tested and comply with the latest Australian WorkCover Health and Safety Standards. They come standard with Bare-Co blades, gearbox, slip clutch, safety guarding and PTO shaft. The gearboxes come with a 3-year warranty and offer proven reliability.

Slasher Performance

As all farmers on the land know, the most critical issue with slashing is the efficiency of the job. Time, effectiveness and productivity are essential – your slasher must do the job and do it well. Our slashers have undergone years of testing and refinement, they are well built and competitively priced with proven results.

If you click on one of the pictures below and watch our short video, you’ll notice that our slashers come with:

  • Heavy duty Bare-Co gearboxes and sturdy headstocks
  • High tensile drag chain mounting system for durability
  • Cutter bar blade carrier system
  • Reinforced height adjustable skids offering five cutting heights
  • Front and rear chain guards attached limiting the possibility of flying debris
  • Strong re-enforced deck for maximum strength
  • Centre mount and off-set available on 4ft and 5ft models
  • Easy operation and maintenance
  • Ideal for pastures and grasslands

We also offer several options to improve your Southern Cross slasher to better suit the needs of your land. Are you in a coastal area and would prefer a hot dipped galvanised deck? Or would a wheel attachment suit the terrain of your property better? Do you need a slasher for a smaller tractor with lower HP or a bigger slasher for large-scale work?


Contact Us

We can help you with all your requirements. Explore our range of slashers, see which one looks best for your needs and talk directly to one of our experts. Ask us for any technical advice you need and we’ll be happy to assist. Call us on (02) 4932-3011 or chat with us online now. If you prefer, you can contact us online and we’ll be in touch ASAP.