Slashers – FAQ’s

Here at Southern Cross AG Machinery, we get asked a large number of questions about our slashers.

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions for slashers we receive:

  • Do the SX AG slashers meet the Australian Workcover Health and Safety Standard?

Yes all our slashers have been independently tested and comply with the latest Australian Slasher Safety Standard Cat. No. WC02792.

  • What components on the slasher are Bare-Co?

All our slashers have Bare-Co PTO shafts, Gearbox, Guarding, Clutch and Blades.

  • Are all the SX AG slashers off-set?

No our 6ft and 3.6ft slashers are not supplied with offset. The 4ft and 5ft slashers are supplied with both centre mount and offset as standard

  • Do your slashers include slip clutches?

Yes. All models include slip clutches – the size of clutch provided depends on the model ordered.

  • Are the skid heights adjustable?


  • Are discharge deflectors supplied on the slashers?

Yes front and rear safety deflectors are supplied with our current range of slashers.