The Seymour K-Form L/P Spreader 1500


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The Seymour K-Form L/P Spreader 1500

  • Turf Spreader
  • All Galvanised
  • Application – Igloo, Glass House, Horticulture to Broad Acre & Sports Fields
  • Can be loaded with small compact tractor
  • OA Height 1500mm
  • Variable Axle Width
  • Hydraulic Drive to both belt floor & spinners
  • Sand Spreading on Ovals & Sports Grounds
  • Light or Heavy application
  • Will spread Soil, Compost, Sand, Light Gravels, Super, Lime & Gypsum


  • Ground Drive or Hydraulic
  • Floatation Tyres 400 x 15
  • Bin Insert for Fine Applications
  • Hungry Boards

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