Finishing Mower Features:

Free-floating deck: Our mowers are as durable as they look and manage lawn grass a treat. The 3-point category one-hitch and free-floating deck allow the mower to follow the ground contour for even cutting, providing a quality finish.

Precision cutting: Southern Cross finishing mowers deliver accurate and consistent mowing. They provide the finish of a ride-on mower at a more competitive price allowing for broader working widths. Cutting heights are fully adjustable with four caster wheels; the steel wheel spacers offer an excellent choice of cutting options for seasonal cutting.

Excellent agility: Our mowers easily follow the tractor, even in tight steering environments like golf courses, garden areas & different elevations of terrain.

Reliability: Mowers that manage large areas and complex mowing environments need to be reliable. From solid rubber wheels to reliable gearboxes backed by our 3-year warranty, our mowers are always dependable.

For more information about our range of finishing mowers, you can contact us directly or contact your local dealer. We’ll be happy to provide any information, advice, and guidance you need.