Register Your Warranty

To register your Warranty please ensure the dealer from where the product has been purchased completes the Southern Cross AG Machinery Installation / Warranty Registration Form. This triplicate document needs to be signed by the purchaser. One copy remains with the Dealer, one copy needs to be mailed to Southern Cross AG Machinery (PO Box 454, Rutherford NSW 2320) and one copy will remain with the purchaser for your reference.

If you have any queries regarding the warranty of your Southern Cross Ag Machinery product please call our office

Tel. 02 4932 3011 or email

Warranty Process

  1. Contact your dealer or point of purchase who will contact Southern Cross Ag Machinery.
  2. Photos and or video footage may be required to process your claim with a short description of the problem.
  3. This will be lodged through your dealer or point of purchase by the completion of the Southern Cross Ag Machinery Warranty Claim Form.
  4. The claim will be assessed by Southern Cross Ag Machinery to determine whether the warranty claim will be approved. This can take up to five working days from when Southern Cross Ag Machinery is first notified of the problem and proof of product failure along with Warranty Claim Form is supplied.
  5. If the Warranty Claim is approved a Warranty Claim Number will be issued to the Dealer.
  6. Any work commenced without approval from Southern Cross Ag Machinery and without a Warranty Claim Number will not be covered by Warranty. Repairs must be made by Southern Cross Ag Machinery or an authorised dealer. Southern Cross Ag Machinery reserves the exclusive right to determine whether it will pay labour costs for warranty repairs or replacements and the amount of such costs that it will pay and the time in which the repairs will be made. Southern Cross Ag Machinery will not approve invoices sent for repairs that Southern Cross Ag Machinery has not previously approved.
  7. Travel and freight charges associated with the processing of the Warranty Claim will not be covered by the Southern Cross Ag Machinery Warranty and is the responsibility of the owner / purchaser.