Thrown Objects Test ISO 17101-2

ISO/WD 17101:2004 gives specifications and acceptance criteria for thrown-object testing of rotary and flail mowers used in agriculture. Independent Thrown Object Testing has been conducted on all Muthing Mulchers up to 3.2 metres and all Mulchers tested comply with ISO/WD 17101-2*

*For front mount configuration on some models a modification to the front discharge deflector is required to meet compliance. All models up to 3.2 metres when used in rear mount configuration comply ISO/WD 17101-2.

Why is this Important?

When operating in public spaces or roadside maintenance environments public safety should be a critical consideration. Muthing GmbH & Co in conjunction with TUV NORD have completed and passed testing of all mulchers up to a working width of 3.2 metres. By purchasing and operating a Muthing Flail Mower the risk of issues arising from thrown objects can be significantly reduced.

CE Compliance

Muthing Mulchers conform to the relevant safety and health requirements of EC–guideline CEE 89/392 and subsequent amendments, guidelines CEE 91/368, 93/44 and 93/68 and machine guideline 98/37 EC. Click here for a sample document confirming compliance to EC guidelines.