Why Bare-Co PTO Shafts & Gearboxes?

Why do we choose Bare-Co PTO Shafts for our equipment? The two main reasons are SAFETY & EASY MAINTENANCE.

WorkCover Safety Standards require all tractors connected to a PTO shaft to have the PTO covered with a guard that complies with AS1121.4-2007. Most PTO accidents occur when the PTO guard is not fitted or damaged. All Bare-Co PTO shafts comply with the WorkCover Safety Standard.

Traditional fixed PTO guards make fitting and maintenance difficult and dangerous. Bare-Co PTO guards are patented; tested and approved they are also ISO certified. Bare-Co PTO guards are designed to prevent PTO accidents through creating a safe work environment while also making maintenance quick and easy with the “Bare-Co Lever Release”. Traditional wide-angle guards require complete PTO shaft removal to access the wide-angle joint – with the Bare-Co’s patented guard you can access your wide-angle joint in just 30 seconds.

Other benefits of the Bare-Co PTO shaft are; flying objects cannot dislodge the countersunk levers, the outside bell is sealed reducing dust ingress prolonging bearing life and the additional secondary lip precludes dislodgement of the safety cone.

Bare-Co’s standard shaft can also be re-greased in less than one minute. Bare-Co PTO guards can be easily cut to length. A full set of bearings and pictorial instructions are also included with every PTO guard.

All Southern Cross Slashers are independently certified and comply with WorkCover’s Safety Standards. Part of complying with the standard is to ensure a compliant shaft is sold with the slasher. Please ensure when you are comparing our slashers to others on the market that they are providing an Australian Standard compliant shaft to conform with AS1121.4-2007.


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View these videos below to checkout how Bare-Co Safety Guards can help prevent accidents
and fatalities on your property.

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Why do we choose Bare-Co gearboxes for our equipment?

Bare-Co gearboxes have been circulated in Australia for over 25 years. They have proven reliability with over 100,000 gearboxes in the field. Bare-Co gearboxes are especially designed and developed for harsh Australian conditions. Gearbox spare parts are easy to locate and identify on the Bare-co website www.bareco.com.au. Gearbox spare parts can be purchased from any Bare-Co stockist Australia wide.

Bare-Co Gearbox Maintenance

When it comes to machinery it is important to maintain all moving parts for longevity and performance. When it comes to three point linkage machines it is vital to look after the gearbox. Within the first 50 hours of use is when the most wear will occur to your gearbox, the oil will be full of metallic material, that if not changed can effect internal components and cause further wear to your equipment. We recommend changing the initial oil in a gearbox after 50 hours of use and refilling with a quality EP 140 Gearbox Oil. Ongoing slasher gearbox oil changes can then be set at every 250 hours of use.

In conclusion, Bare-Co has built a reputation in the industry for quality and innovation. Bare-Co Gearboxes and PTO shafts have proven reliability, easy servicing and maintenance, are safe and comply with all Australian Safety Standards. In addition to the standard Bare-Co gearbox warranty of one year Southern Cross offers an extra two years warranty on all gearboxes supplied with our equipment. Southern Cross Ag Machinery is your machinery specialist supplying agricultural, mulching, mowing and slashing equipment. Call us on 02 4932 3011 or contact us online. We’ll be happy to help with your enquiry.