The Benefits of Producing Your Own Compost

Compost is one of the most valuable in-house resources of any rural business. It is an investment in the overall health of your soil and a great way to replace nutrients lost through harvesting.

Unlike mulching, which uses raw materials laid directly on the soil, composting is a refining process. The refining process improves the value of mulch by breaking down materials and freeing up the nutrients for direct release into the soil.

The Mulch and Compost Combination

As all farmers know, soil renewal and replenishment are crucial to productivity. Well-distributed mulch can add nutrients and structural fibres to the soil, but it can’t promote active chemistry in the soil. Active chemistry is promoted by soil bacteria and other organisms, and this is where compost comes in. Being an enriched product, it acts as a trigger for effective
soil regeneration.

Think of it this way – if mulch is fast food for the soil, compost is a healthy five-course meal. It promotes very efficient soil chemistry and, most importantly for Australian farms, supercharges our sometimes uncooperative soils. With the right handling and management, your compost will create strong, active soil that promotes plant growth.

Handling and Management

If you’re working on the land, you’ll be pleased to hear that modern composting is highly cost-efficient for your rural business needs. The new composting methods add direct value to the soil, reduce handling times and costs, and improve compost quality.

Benefits of Our Turners

At Southern Cross Ag Machinery, our compost turners deliver results on a commercial scale. This new class of agricultural machinery includes powerful machines that can deliver bulk compost where needed and help eliminate soil nutrient loss.

  1. Our window compost turners ensure quality control for your nutrients. While traditional compost heaps sent nutrients to the bottom of the pile, turners will deliver good-quality nutrients to all your compost.
  2. Modern turners also eliminate hard labour and drastically improve your composting efficiency. Our turners can take almost any type of plant material and turn it into a useful asset for your property.
  3. Our new turners are also a great option for managing tough soils. Even Australia’s “bedrock” will react and improve when the new soil chemistry kicks in. This type of composting adds nutrients, bio-agents, soil structure, and good productivity

Looking for Compost Turners? Talk to Southern Cross Ag Machinery

Simple, clean lines result in a machine that is user-friendly and durable. Our “True Blue” Composters turn waste into PROFIT – bettering the environment. Please call our office on 02 4932 3011 or contact us online. We will be more than happy to assist with your composting enquiry.