Before You Purchase A Slasher You Should Read This Advice!

Slashing is a must for clearing vegetation, and slashers are a great way to manage ground cover.

That said, there are good slashers, and some simply don’t make the grade in Australian conditions. Before you purchase a slasher, make sure you do your homework. Australia’s unique range of terrains and climates is very unforgiving and tough on substandard slashers. These machines are in constant contact with the ground while slashing. Therefore, mechanical performance must be excellent. If not, you’re faced with more work, more costs, and a real risk of downtime.

Southern Cross 5ft Slasher

Defining the Right Slasher for Your Slashing Needs

To save you time, money, and frustration, we’ll give you a clear overview of the right slashers for Australian conditions.

The key criteria are:

  • Durability: This is an area where substandard slashers fail. Firstly, look at the deck of the slasher – is it reinforced to provide strength and durability? Climate and moisture are also possible risks to the longevity of your slasher if your property were in a coastal area, we would recommend a galvanised slasher to extend the life of your implement.
  • Gearbox: The gearbox is the mechanical system on a slasher. In many Australian environments, the gearbox is put under significant operational stress. You need a very dependable, built-to-last gearbox. Consider the warranty offered for the gearbox is it the standard 12 months or an extended warranty?
  • Clutch: Make sure the slasher you purchase is fitted with a clutch to protect your slasher, gearbox and tractor. We would recommend checking the clutch plate tensions at regular intervals and adjusting them if necessary.
  • Blades: Ask if the blades meet Australian Standards. Check if the blades are designed on an angle to self-sharpen. Ensure the blades can swing back to protect from shock loading the gearbox.
  • PTO Shaft: Ensure the PTO shaft meets the Australian Standard. WorkCover Safety Standards require all tractors connected to a PTO shaft to have the PTO covered with a guard that complies with AS 1121.4-2007.
  • Frame: This is one of the more basic requirements for any slasher in Australia. A good slasher will have a reinforced frame to manage impacts and protect its components while in operation. This also protects the slasher from wear and tear, extending product life.
  • Australian Standards Compliance: A slasher built to Australian Compliance Standards is your instant guide to operational reliability. If you don’t see the Australian Standard compliance certification on a slasher, why not? Beware, not all slashers on the Australian market fully comply with the standard. If you are concerned, ask the supplier if they can supply certification before purchasing. This will ensure the safety of you and your staff members and the compliance of your business.
  • Warranty: Make sure the slasher you’re buying is covered with a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty. It would also be recommended to purchase a slasher with an extended warranty on the gearbox.
  • Spare Parts: Check whether the company you are buying the slasher from stocks all the necessary spare parts. Ask if the blades are readily available from your local machinery dealer – ensuring no downtime.

Choosing Your Slasher

A word or two of advice at this point about selecting a slasher:

  1. Get the best value: Quality slashers are high-value assets. Don’t waste your time or money; get the best value machine with a proven performance record. Your slasher will repay you in performance and on-the-job efficiency.
  2. Your slasher should meet all the points above: Only choose Australian Standard compliant machines that are proven to work in Australian conditions. These machines will definitely deliver the performance you need.

Introducing Southern Cross Slashers

Talk to us if you’re looking for a quality slasher at a competitive price. We have a large range of Australian Standard-compliant slashers from 3.6ft to 6ft, we offer excellent support services through our local dealers. We also carry all necessary spare parts in stock. Call us or contact us to speak to one of our experts.


Check out our Southern Cross 6ft 75HP Galvanised Slasher in action: