Think you need a high body mulcher?


So you’re looking for a mulcher to do high volume material and you think you need a high body mulcher?

With Muthing you don’t and this is why.

Muthing mulchers by design are extremely efficient

Basically it starts with the construction of the machine, high body mulchers are usually large, heavy and have RHS square tubes at the entry point and the discharge point of the mulcher. When the material is put through the body of the mulcher in high volume applications the door of the mulcher needs to be open.  This is primarily due to the structural RHS beam that does not allow the material to pass.  To discharge the high volume of cut material from the mulcher the doors need to be lifted.  What this effectively does is reduce the quality of the mulched material.


RHS Beam - Mulchers

High body mulchers operating with doors open also pose a potential safety risk for thrown objects.

In Europe open door mulching has been banned, all mulchers must operate with closed doors.  Muthing mulchers do not need a door or a high body to be able to operate in high volume applications.  This differentiates Muthing from other mulchers on the market; firstly from a safety perspective in relation to thrown objects, secondly the Muthing mulching system has the ability to more effectively process high volumes whilst allowing cut material to pass through the mulcher over and over again.

A high body mulcher with the door open means the material cannot pass through again and again.  It is just thrown straight out the back after one pass. That’s why the Muthing product produces better quality mulch especially in high volume applications as it has the ability to process and shred the material over and over again.


Tractor MulchingMulching Grass

Muthing mulchers can process high volume material without a high body. Why?

Muthing’s unique mulcher design is completely open at exit point allowing for a full discharge without construct blocking the smooth flow of material.  Some mulchers have problems with the roller position not allowing material to clear quickly.  Other mulchers also have the structural construct of the RHS beam blocking the mulched discharge.

Unlike other mulchers on the market Muthing’s structural integrity is not created through a large RHS beam.  Rather its strength comes from the boxed-in section at the front of the mulcher plus the triangular shaped boxed-in section at the rear neither of which block the flow of material.

mulcher diagramMU-Ecotop Flail Mowers gallery

Basically a Muthing mulcher does not need a high body to process high volumes of vegetation as it doesn’t have anything obstructing the smooth flow of material.

Other mulchers on the market need a high body to provide room around the rotor for the vegetation to pass.  They also need a high body to ensure the vegetation can be processed without compromising the speed of the machine.


Muthing – Shredding Bar System “Shark Fin”

Muthing also has a shredding bar system within the body of the mulcher, “Shark’s Fin” a patented design.  

The two main benefits of the shredding bars are; they force the material back into the hammer allowing the material to be recycled again and again, they also allow material to pass without creating a build up of cut grass, vegetation or mud – basically no clogging.


Shark Fin System - Ag Machinery

Muthing made from QSt/E Steel – stronger and lighter mulchers

Muthing mulchers are made from QSt/E Steel.  The use of this steel reduces the mulcher weight by approximately 15% while also increasing machine strength.  This results in; longer machine life, reduction in mulcher body cracks and fuel consumption.  This allows for the possible use of smaller tractors with lower HP using a larger working width.

Another major advantage over other heavy high body mulchers.


Muthing Mulcher Strength And Quality Logo

Specially formed mulcher body

Muthing mulchers have a specially formed mulcher body (several times folded plate) allows for;

  • Greater stability with less HP required to achieve a greater cutting speed
  • Lower fuel consumption
  • Smoother flow of shredded material
  • Longer machine life


German innovation – better by design

Muthing does not need to offer a high body mulcher in its range.  Muthing offers a new generation range of mulchers that uses German design, engineering and innovation to provide a unique and superior product.

Muthing’s focus is primarily on what mulchers are designed to do.  Create mulch. Muthing mulchers provide a quality bi-product that has been de-fibered enabling more efficient pasture management.

Contact our office to discuss your mulching needs and how a Muthing Mulcher can assist you in improving your pasture management program.  You may also like to check out some videos of Muthing Mulchers in action here.