Slasher Maintenance Schedule

Southern Cross Ag Machinery recommends that the following routine tractor slasher service / maintenance schedule be followed to ensure the efficient and safe operation of your slasher.

galvanised slasher attached to tractor

If you follow this maintenance schedule it will maximise the working life of your slasher.

Prior to first use of slasher:

  1. Check all bolts and nuts are tightened correctly
  2. Check all hitch pins are securely locked
  3. Check Bow Shackles on drag chains are tight
  4. Ensure Quick Coupler Pins on the PTO shaft are secured correctly to both the Slip Clutch (slasher end) and to the tractor PTO output shaft
  5. Ensure slip clutch is set correctly.
  6. Check slasher gearbox oil level. Add oil if required with a quality SAE 140 gear oil.
  7. Check PTO shaft has been greased as per instructions


After first 3 hours of operation

  1. Check all bolts & nuts are tightened correctly
  2. Check slasher gearbox oil level.  Add oil if required.


After every 8 hours of operation

  1. Grease PTO shaft as per instructions
  2. Check Cutter Beam for any signs of damage and check Retaining Nut to gearbox is tight and split pin is still in place
  3. Check blades for signs of damage or excessive wear. Replace if necessary
  4. Ensure blade retaining plough bolts and self locking nuts are not damaged and are tight
  5. Check Clutch settings and make adjustments if necessary
  6. Check for any debris from cutting or items such as wire are not built up around gearbox output shaft and cutter beam


After every 40 hours of operation

  1. Complete all processes as per 8 hour service
  2. Check all bolts & nuts are tightened correctly
  3. Check all hitch pins are securely locked
  4. Check Bow Shackles on drag chains are tight
  5. Clean slasher deck and remove any cuttings or other debris that has built up on the slasher
  6. Check PTO shaft universal joints for any signs of wear. Replace any worn components if required


Southern Cross Ag Machinery is your agricultural machinery specialist supplying quality slashers at competitive prices. Please call us on 02 4932 3011 or contact us online if you have any queries regarding the maintenance of your slasher. We’ll be happy to help with your enquiry.