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Southern Cross Ag is Australia’s Home of Muthing Mulchers.

Precision German engineering and innovative design have created a series of mulchers that produce the best quality bi-product/mulch.

The Muthing Mulching System provides many benefits for pasture management, including weed control, pest control, input cost reductions (fertilisers, pesticides and herbicides), and soil structure and fertility improvement.

Muthing mulchers are versatile, facilitating a wide range of mowing and mulching activities, from mowing fine lawns to vast areas without the expense of additional equipment.

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The Muthing Mulcher Range:

Muthing has the widest range of mulchers and flail mowers designed for agricultural purposes.

Why Choose Muthing

Maintaining green areas using Muthing mulchers simultaneously improves maintenance quality on a sustained basis, naturally enhances soil and lawn areas while giving rise to an increase in operating efficiency and substantially reducing maintenance costs.

Thrown Objects Compliant

Muthing mulchers are not only reliable but also provide a safe working environment. Muthing mulchers up to 3.2 metres have undergone Independent Thrown Object Testing and comply with ISO/WD 17101-2*.

Compliance is essential because public safety should be a critical consideration when operating in public spaces or roadside.

Purchasing and operating a Muthing Flail Mower can significantly reduce the risk of thrown objects. Muthing mulchers also are CE Compliant.


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Here at Southern Cross Ag Machinery, we get asked many questions about our quality muthing mulchers. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions we receive:

Muthing Mulchers are engineered and manufactured in Germany from Muthing’s two factories located in Soest and Uffenheim, Austria and the Czech Republic.

At Southern Cross AG Machinery, we only deal in the best. In mulching, that means Muthing, the highest quality German engineering. Muthing is a premium brand and is precision-made machines, and Muthing is a global brand with proven productivity and cost-efficiency benefits. That’s why we stock these very dependable products in preference to others.

Muthing Mulchers offer significant performance advantages. By using QSt/E fine-grain steel, the total weight of the machine is up to 15% lower while simultaneously strengthening the machine as a whole. QSt/E fine-grain steel provides the machine with longevity, excellent weight/power ratios and better fuel economy. It also allows for a lower HP tractor to operate a larger working width machine.

Many features make a Muthing mulcher different from others on the market, such as the ‘Shark Fin System’, a patented, removable, segmented set of shredding bars. They can be replaced quickly, reducing service time, machine downtime, and overall repair costs. The “Starinth” Roller Bearing (only available on MU-L, MU-M and MU-Pro Series) features a top-quality, durable, heavy-duty rear roller bearing system with multi-layer sealing and large volume, double tapered roller bearing. This ultra-reliable, rugged system can work in the most demanding environments.  

Mulchers are a great alternative to slashers because they produce and evenly distribute a finer mulch that decomposes more effectively.

In contrast, slashers may leave long stems on the ground, creating ungainly windrows, which take longer to break down into the soil. Slashers are also prone to flicking up unknown objects from the grass, which can potentially cause damage and be hazardous, especially in public spaces. Muthing Mulchers have been independently tested and certified for “Thrown Objects”.

Mulchers produce no windrows and spread the mulched material evenly behind the tractor, outputting a finely de-fibered product. This de-fibered bi-product aids decomposition, which can improve pasture quality, soil structure and moisture retention.

A comprehensive range of spare parts for all models is held in stock to meet customer needs.

Yes, Southern Cross AG Machinery warrants products against defective workmanship and materials for 12 months. We also work with our dealer network to provide local support.

Prices for our huge range of products may vary according to type, model, new models coming on the market and other factors. Additional variables may include freight charges and other cost considerations such as Dealer pre-delivery. It’s best to talk directly to our experts to get reliable figures.


You can also check out some videos of our mulchers in action.


This ‘Mower’ has Exceeded all My Expectations!

Having just purchased a Muthing EcoTop 160 Mulcher, I have got to let you know that this ‘mower’ has exceeded all my expectations in terms of efficiency, robust construction with all the German engineering standing up to the brands name and reputation. I am so impressed with its superb quality finish. Its performance is effortless in cleaning up the paddocks and does such a neat job. Sure, you may pay more for this brand mulcher, however its capability and build quality leaves the competition well behind. Coupled to the new 40hp New Holland Workmaster tractor I could not have a purchased a better combination of equipment. Thanks also to John Walsh at New Holland Goulburn for his time and professional attention in putting this deal together. Thanks for such a quality implement that will give me years of trouble free operation!

– Peter Collins, NSW

Muthing is by Far and Above the best

Out of all the Mulchers I’ve owned over the years, Muthing is by far and above the best. I can now mulch cleanly at 12-15km/h, I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it myself. I checked the hammers after the first 300hrs of mulching, they were barely marked! I only wish I knew about Muthing Mulchers years ago!

– Peter Townley – Dairy Farmer, Bowraville NSW

Muthing Mulcher is the BEST Mulcher on the Market

I did a lot of research before I bought and I can honestly say that the Muthing Mulcher is the BEST Mulcher on the market. The superior German build quality and performance really sets it apart from everything else.

– Paul Readford – Grazier, Killawarra NSW

The BEST Mulcher I have Ever Seen

With the Muthing I can now do in one pass what used to take me two with a cleaner result. It’s German quality and efficiency from go to woe – the BEST Mulcher I have ever seen.

– Greg Hayes – Orchardist, Macksville NSW


To purchase our Muthing Mulchers, all you need to do is use our Find a Dealer page and contact your nearest Southern Cross Ag Machinery dealer. Just enter your postcode, and we will list your closest state and territory, suppliers.

Ordering is easy. Simply place your order with your local dealer; they will manage your delivery. They will also be able to provide any help you need with servicing, warranties and more.


If you’d like some technical advice, guidance, or just need to make a decision about which mulcher is suitable for your needs, we’re happy to provide any help you require. Our experts can assist with matching mulchers to tractor HP and other practical issues.

Just call us on 02 4932 3011 for any information you need.