Should Sports Grounds and Open Spaces be Mulched or Slashed?

Sports Grounds – should they be mulched or slashed?

There are many reasons why sports grounds and public open spaces should be mulched rather than slashed. Mulching reduces weeds and unwanted plants, over time eliminating the need for pesticides. This is important from a health perspective, as sports and public grounds are used by children and domestic pets. A reduction in the use of harsh chemicals on these grounds benefits the community.

Mulching facilitates significantly faster decomposition than slashing does, allowing grounds to be restored within a very short period of time. Quick decomposition creates healthier soils full of nutrients, resulting in healthier plants, giving turf a rich green colour. Nutrient rich soils reduce the need for added fertilizers. This active soil biology also makes the ground more resistant to traffic and provides the best possible resistance to dry conditions. It also improves playability even in heavy rain.

Sports grounds and playing fields require optimal and visually perfect surfaces. Using a flail mower or mulcher on sporting fields not only provides quicker decomposition as outlined above but also provides a better aesthetic than slashing. Flail Mowers do not leave windrows or create clumping like slashers do. A mulcher finely shreds the plant material and evenly distributes the bi product leaving a manicured finish.

Benefits of Mulching for Golf Courses

Golf courses have their own special requirements regarding grounds care.Greens are maintained on a daily basis, while fairways and thesemi-rough terrain need to retain their top-quality appearance andplayability with significantly reduced effort and lower costs.

This can easily be achieved with a mulcher/ flail mower, the mulching process intensively shreds grass and stubble, providing the surface finished required for fairways. Mulchers can also be used for maintaining the rough areas too.


 Benefits of Mulching Roadside Greenery/Side Strips

Mulching is a safer option than slashing for roadside applications, as they are less likely to pose a potential thrown object hazard. Councils and contractors are more inclined to use a mulcher for roadside applications for this reason. Check with your mulcher supplier whether the mulcher you are looking to purchase has undergone “Thrown Object Certification or Testing”. This can give the operator safety assurances when mulching in open spaces.

Mulching roadside strips not only provides a high level of road safety but also provides an attractive appearance on motorways, roads and tracks. Mulching fastens the greening processes while the intensive shredding of the mulch minimises the risk of fire in dry periods.

In conclusion, sports grounds and open spaces should be mulched rather than slashed. There are many benefits to mulching open spaces. Firstly, it is safer, provides better playing grounds for sports fields, even in heavy rain. Assists in safe guarding grounds against weeds and dry periods, stimulates soil biology giving turf a better appearance while minisimising the risk of fire.

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