Heavy-duty Bare-Co gearboxes, clutch, blades & PTO shaft. 3yr gearbox warranty.

Bare-Co Components

Front and rear chain guards attached, limiting the possibility of flying debris. WorkCover Safety Standard Cat no. WC02797.


A Clear deck for easy maintenance. Durable mounting system and reinforced height adjustable skids.


We have several options to improve your Southern Cross slasher to suit the needs of your job and land better.


If you’re located in a coastal area and prefer a hot-dipped galvanised deck or would a wheel attachment to suit the terrain of your paddock better? Do you need a slasher for a smaller tractor with lower HP or a bigger slasher for large-scale work? We can help you with all your requirements!


Explore our range of slashers, see which one looks best for your needs and talk directly to one of our experts.  Ask us for any technical advice you need, and we’ll be happy to assist.


To purchase our products, all you need to do is use our Find a Dealer page and contact your nearest Southern Cross Ag Machinery dealer. Just enter your postcode, and we will list your closest state/territory suppliers.

Ordering is easy. Please place your order with your local dealer; they will manage your delivery. They will also provide any help you need with servicing, warranties and more.


If you’d like some technical advice, guidance, or need to make a decision about which slasher is suitable for your needs, we’re happy to provide any help you require. Our experts can assist with matching slashers to tractor HP and other practical issues.

Just call us on 02 4932 3011 for any information you need.