The Importance of After Sales Care for Ag Machinery

After sales care is one of the most important parts of any business. For buyers, after sales service ensures the maintenance and quality of their purchase. For sellers, after sales service improves customer satisfaction. And when it comes to agricultural machinery, the importance of after sales care only intensifies.

Why is After Sales Care Important in the Agricultural Machinery Industry?

At Southern Cross AG Machinery we understand that purchasing agricultural machinery is a major investment. We also understand that when you buy agricultural machinery, like a mower, mulcher or slasher, it will become an important financial asset.

We believe after sales care is one of the most important parts of our service and ensure that our services can assist with any range of issues.


Warranties play a major role in our after sales service. No machine is indestructible, and because we understand the investment undertaken by our customers and the necessity of our products, a quality warranty program is vital.


We know that people working on the land need fast, reliable support – and if you need help, we’re right here when you need us.

Support is available through our dealer network and via direct customer support with our experts. Simply give us a call and we’ll be there to listen.

Our dealers provide local on-going support. They’re reliable, understand the products, and are capable of providing you with valuable advice and information.

 Feedback and Improvement

In the agricultural sector, servicing requirements and problems with equipment are core business issues, and we understand how important these issues are to your bottom line. But more importantly, we want our customers to have a voice.

We want to be fully aware of the issues you’re facing. Because of this, we would love to hear your thoughts and always welcome feedback.

Call Us for Further Information

Our after sales care is based on meeting practical needs and addressing customer concerns. As such, we encourage our customers to reach out.

Do you have any questions? Simply Contact Southern Cross AG Machinery Australia-wide for quality products and professional service. Or Click here to find your local dealer in NSW, QLD, VIC, and TAS.