MU-PRO VARIO (Drive Power 95-220 HP)


• Leaves no desire unfulfilled, generous standard equipment
• MU-Vario® System as standard
• Front and rear mounting as standard
• High quantities of biomass thanks to large MU-Vario® housing opening
• Crop discharge in front of the large support roller is also possible as standard. For example: For good germination of volunteer rape plants and when operating under challenging conditions
• Fast maintenance thanks to easily accessible and clearly marked lubrication points and automatic belt tensioning
• Long service life thanks to the internal Starinth® rear roller bearing system
• Extremely narrow and exchangeable wear runners ensure blockage-free operation and prevent crop accumulation


Standard Equipment:

  • Manufactured from High-Quality QSt/E Steel with multi-position headstock Cat. II + III for front and rear mounting
  • Hydraulic side shift: 56 cm lifting range (1 double-acting spool valve required)
  • Heavy-duty gearbox with integrated over run clutch and through drive for 1.000 r.p.m.
  • Automatic belt tensioning
  • High tempered “M” Hammer flails to ensure a clean cut and maximum shredding using less power
  • Spiral Rotor with specially formed flail lugs to protect against damage from obstacles, bearings protected against dirt, wear and tear
  • Patented removable shredding bar – System: “Shark fin”
  • Large pivoting rear support roller for depositing mulch material either behind or in front of the roller, adjustable to different heights, with Roller Bearing Starinth
  • Side, wearing skids
  • Carbide wearing skids, removable
  • High tempered one-way spring steel protection flaps in front of the mower hood
  • Support leg
  • Slotted holes in the lower link receiver for perfect contour following and an even quality cut
  • Spreads the shredded material evenly behind the support roller
  • Excellent Mulching Quality
  • Heavy-duty PTO shaft with hardened inner pipe and cap bottom lubrication


  • Front shock-absorbing spring assembly required
  • Alternatively, we recommend Hydraulic Weight Transfer MU-SOFA®
  • Alternative flails and rotor systems (triple Y-blades, “M”-Shackle flails)
  • Adjustable cutting bar (Vario)
  • Second patented removable shredding bar – System: “Shark fin”
  • Wear insert in housing (factory mounted)
  • Cleaner cutting edge for displaced support roller
  • Refitting to an output speed of 750 r.p.m. instead of 1.000 r.p.m. (additional)
  • Height adjustable support wheels, fixed axle with track 1.85 m, mounted at the 3-Point linkage
  • Warning signs with LED lighting equipment for front and rear mounting (5 m cable is included)
  • Lighting equipment support bolted onto the 3-point trestle (factory mounted)
  • Operating hours counter with sensor, time recording via angular momentum

Technical data

MU-PRO 250 Vario 250 270 220 HP 1330 22
MU-PRO 280 Vario 280 300 220 HP 1400 24
MU-PRO 300 Vario 300 320 220 HP 1460 26
MU-PRO 320 Vario 320 340 220 HP 1500 28


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